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Our mission at Campus Arrival is to support students transitioning from living at home during high school to living on campus for the first time. We provide move-in checklists tailored to your school, curated from official university guidelines, so you know exactly what you need and what you should leave back home.

We include your school’s official recommendations, prohibitions, laptop specification recommendations, and other ideas for a successful first year. Everything has a convenient link so you can buy it right from our site.  You can also track the items you’ve purchased. Everything you need for college supplies in a single site.


We started Campus Arrival where everything a college student needs for their first year is outlined in a single place. The official school list, prohibited items, laptop recommendations from the IT department or college major, other supplies ideas and a checklist to track what you’ve got.

Campus Arrival started when one of the founders was helping his student head-off to college. The school provided a recommended list of items and prohibited items. To track everything, they downloaded a supplies checklist app. Then they searched for recommended items that weren’t included in the ‘official’ list but had to constantly check back with the prohibited list to see if the new recommendations were allowed.  There were no recommendations on laptops until orientation – the school recommended searching the IT department or major-specific sites. On top of that, once they wanted an item, they had to go to Amazon and search for it. For some stuff, the quality didn’t matter (like pens, pencils, notebooks) but for other items they took time to make sure it was a good product (like laptops, alarm clocks, mini-fridge).  We thought, ‘there has to be a better way’.


Since we had the college supplies figured out, we also added articles with topics useful for a first year student – topics like “The FAFSA”, “Stress Around Finals” and fun top-ten lists. We hope that our blog posts serve as a stepping stone on your path to finding answers you need to make the most out of your college career.


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We’re Here to Help

At Campus Arrival, we want to help take a little stress out of the first year college student process.