How to Be a Successful Gamer in College

May 10, 2020

Don’t want to miss out on the latest releases when you head off to college? Don’t worry: you don’t have to leave your precious console or PC at home while you head off to study. In fact, on our school packing lists, we recommend computers that are capable gaming machines as well as console systems to relax after a full day of classes.

Maintaining a healthy gaming hobby while at college is a wonderful way to destress and socialize with others, but it’s important to know when it’s time to put the controller down. Here are a few ways you can maintain high grades… and a high score!

1. Join a gaming society

Taking your setup to college is the perfect conversation starter and a fantastic opportunity to meet your fellow gamers. Every college should have some form of a gaming society to join where you can play in tournaments, form friendships and arrange legendary LAN parties. If your college doesn’t have a gaming society, then why not setup your own? Get in touch with your Students’ Union and find out how you can get started!

2. Set up tournaments

Find out who the ultimate Guitar Hero champion is and set up tournaments in your dormitory; this will allow you to bond with your roommates and discover fellow gamers who you can play with. Arrange dorm gaming nights or even ask the college if you can set up an event during freshers: You will be able to find your fellow gamers much easier this way.

3. Blast away the stress

There will come a time when you will be huddled up in the library buzzed on caffeine and begging the essays to end. Remember to take some recovery time before you burn out: Slipping into some comfy pajamas and sinking a few hours into Stardew Valley is nothing to be ashamed of; gaming is a great way to destress. Every gamer has an all-time favorite game, so make sure to take it to college as a safety net; sometimes you need to play a familiar game you know and love.

4. Prioritize work first

Spending hours slaying zombies instead of battling your biology report is a sure way to dig a hole of stress for yourself. Make sure you understand when it’s the right time to game, and when you need to spend some time finishing off draft essays and meeting deadlines. Neglecting your grades for a high score isn’t worth it, and you’ll certainly come to regret it in the future. If sticking to deadlines is difficult, create a timetable of your activities and plan out when you will game; then it will be impossible to fail!

5. Game in your free time

Once work is out of the way and you have exhausted your social meter, staying in and gaming is a perfect way to chill out. There will be times at college when you will have plenty of free time, and sometimes you just don’t feel like socializing: It’s good to take time out for yourself and take pride in the hobbies you enjoy most. Why not start a new game at college and aim to finish it by the end of the year?

Gaming at college can be a gateway to forming new unbreakable bonds with likeminded people, and the perfect way to chillax after meeting deadlines and finishing work. There is no need to stop gaming at college if you know how to fit it in to your schedule: Now game on!

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