How to Give Your Bedroom that Dorm Room Feel

July 10, 2020

Quarantining at home and taking classes off campus probably isn’t the college experience you were expecting. You were probably poring over your school’s packing list and envisioning the semester to come. But while you can’t bring the freshman class to your house, you can still bring the dorm vibes to your room.

Here are a few tricks and tips to help set the off-to-school mood while you’re still at home.

Dry Erase Board

Here’s a secret: passing notes never goes out of style. Whether it’s making yourself a reminder for a test or a daily affirmation, little memos is a definitive part of the college experience. A small whiteboard on the back of your door or propped up at your desk is a great way to bring that experience home. Plus, it’s a great place to doodle.

Dry Erase Board

Mini Fridge

Studying hard may mean you want to keep your distance from distractions. On campus, that might be locking yourself in your room. At home, it can mean the same thing. Avoid the distractions (or having to take out that trash) ahead of big tests and keep your favorite snacks and drinks stocked in a mini fridge in your room.

On the plus side, it also means they’re accessible when you decide to binge watch Netflix all day instead.

Mini Fridge

Hanging Lights

Setting up a dorm room calls for lots of personalized renovations. Just because you’re not moving doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade. Try adding some fairy lights over your desk or around your bedroom window to set a chill vibe when you need to wind down.

Comfy Chair

In a dorm room, your domain often gets limited to common spaces, your desk, and your bed. A quick way to add a welcoming touch of comfort to your space is to add a chair.

It doesn’t have to be expensive either! Butterfly chairs are portable, colorful, and oh-so-satisfying to plop into while you’re reading up. It’s a welcoming change from being chained to your desk if you don’t want to fall into the trap of a nap in bed.

Comfy Chair

Shag Rugs

Cement walls and cold hard floors are characteristic of most any dorm you’ll see on campus. Shag rugs are a hot ticket item to add a little warmth and color to dorm rooms. Even if your room at home is carpeted, throwing down a new throw rug adds a soft new touch to your space in the college spirit.

Shag Rug


You’ve probably had posters in your room at some stage in your childhood. Maybe you still do. At the dorms, it’s one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to add a little personality to your space.

Upgrading your posters at home can help put you into the college mindset. Try something like an influential figure in your field or a famous work of art. While it adds a touch of intelligence, it could also prove to be inspiring when you’re hard at work.

Framed Art Print

Final Thoughts

Sure, your education is the chief reason you go to school, but having a new space to play with and decorate is a major perk of dorming. Try any of these tips for a traditional dorm feel, or go rogue and get creative! You may even find you enjoy your new quarantined campus.

Image courtesy of Robert Bye.

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