5 Campus Move-In Packing Tips You Must Follow

July 22, 2020

You’ve braced yourself for a draining semester, done all the dorm shopping (using your school’s packing list here on Campus Arrival of course), stocked up on towels… and are basically fully ready to move in to your college campus. Now comes the tricky part: packing all that stuff as compactly as possible, without leaving anything out! Before you start stuffing your suitcase with all that stuff, hear us out! In this article, we break 5 campus move-in packing tips you must follow.

Pack The Essentials

Here’s a rule of thumb: if it doesn’t fit the back of an average sized car, it’s too much! You’re probably already overloaded with gadgets like tablets, laptops, phones, etc. Then comes basic stuff like bed linens, toiletries and other school supplies. Only after all of these essentials are ticked off the checklist, do you get to move on to the less important things. Remember to leave the least essential items (ones that can be shipped easily) for the end!

Pack Some Tools and First Aid Supplies

No better lifesaver (literally!) than a basic first aid kit containing bandages, disinfectant spray or wipes, and over-the-counter medication like ibuprofen. Throw in a pair of small scissors and tweezers. Bo-boos happen, ya’ll. Stay prepared!

Another essential thing to pack: a toolkit with screwdrivers, a basic hammer, pliers, etc. These can save the day like nothing else! On the very first day you move in, you might need to handle some minor repairs, and these tools will so come in handy. It’ll also help to pack in cable ties, zip ties, and some duct tape.

And don’t forget the must-have items for the coronavirus outbreak!

Don’t Forget the Paperwork

With all that other stuff to pack, it’s easy to overlook the documents. It’ll help to make a checklist of everything required by the residence office. Make sure to read up on locations, check-in times and procedures for the move-in day. Some colleges will even prevent unloading and move-in until you’ve through registration process (signing endless forms, having a photo ID, etc). Don’t let a rookie mistake cost you like that!

Inspect the Room Before Moving In

There’s a bunch of things to look out for before you move into the dorm: carpet stains, chipped furniture, leaky walls, anything that’ll make your daily life difficult! It’s crucial that you perform a thorough examination and mark off any issues. Use your phone to take pictures of any problem areas. Make sure to check the bed for stains, rips, or signs of bedbugs before you approve the room.

Take Some Memories with You

Photos of loved ones in your room will help you feel less alienated in a new environment. You’re probably low on space, so it’ll help to have a custom touch on some everyday utilitarian things. For example, a custom pillow or mug with the picture of the family dog may help keep you from feeling homesick!

Lo and behold! It’s time to make one of the most important moves of you life. Don’t half-ass it, and don’t make rookie mistakes that turn your first few days on campus miserable. Follow these few tips to prevent all that from happening.

Happy campus move-in!

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