Taking Your Dorm Room Décor to the Next Level

September 7, 2021

When you first move into your dorm, it looks a bit like a prison, doesn’t it? The walls are basic white, maybe even concrete. The flooring hard cold tiles and the shades for your window are just utterly sad. Overall, dorm rooms are a very boring space before getting the chance to decorate.

Thankfully universities allow their residents to do some decorating so the dorm room can truly look like a home away from home. Dorm decorating can at times be a bit stressful, especially if you’re moving in with someone that you never even met before.

Getting the chance to coordinate with your roommate(s) is one of the best ways to get to know them, avoid all the drama, and have a warm, unique, and luxury feel to the dorm.

Get to know your roommate

When it comes to living in a cramped space, you’ll have plenty of chances to learn more about your roommate. This includes what they’re studying, their backgrounds, interests, and décor taste. Usually, universities will send you an email a month before classes start and it’ll include your roommate’s name, contact info, and sometimes other details.

Reach out to your roommate soon as possible and schedule times to talk. Try your best in getting to know them through have video calls, texting, and chatting through social media.

Once you both feel like you know each other well enough, begin talking about décor for the dorm. If you both have matching styles, it’ll be way easier to collaborate on decorating the dorm. Maybe try setting up a Pinterest board where both of you can add some dorm-inspo.

Bring out your inner interior designer

When it comes to bringing a boring dorm room into a cozy and unique space, there will have to be a plan. First off just remember, this is your roommate’s space as well. So you can’t take full control of everything.

That’s why it’s so important for both parties to set some rules so there can be a middle ground. What colors do you want in the space, what about your roommate? What themes or styles? If you’re on the same page, then it’ll be far easier.

However, if there are some differences, then think of ways to be complementary in the décor. Some roomies will have the same colors and the same décor (including linens). While this is fun and it makes coordinating with your roomie much easier, just know that this may not entirely be an option either. Allow for both of you to have your personalities shine in the space.

Let’s go shopping

Before the real shopping begins, both of you should do some online virtual shopping together. This helps in getting an idea of what they like, and vice versa. Set some ground rules for the décor such as it being no higher than a certain price. This includes colors, patterns, and certain designs. It’s very important to be respectful towards one another.

Both of you should create items you’d like to coordinate with such as pillows, bedding, rugs, lighting, and decorative accents. Share each other’s list for approval. This is going to make things so much easier, as there will be less drama and it’s going to be easier to compromise and to be flexible. Some ideas for subtle matching would be having the same headboards, bed extenders, bedding skirts, houseplants, and temporary wallpaper (if this is allowed).

Set up a décor plan

One of the beauties of modern-day interior décor would be the free resources online for creating floor plans, mood boards, and style boards. This can help to make the unpacking and the décor process far easier once you both are in the same room together. Plus, it’ll save time setting up the dorm. Creating a floor plan or even a style board will give both roomies an idea of how all the décor is going to be laid out in the room. Getting this prepared ahead of time will help form ideas on how both sides of the dorm will complement each other.

Remember to have fun with it, and use dorm décor as a chance to get to know your roommates!

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