Top 8 Electronic Gadgets to Take with You to College in 2020

January 15, 2020

Getting into your dream college is the first step of a successful career. However, keeping up with this intensive study environment can be tough. College is a stressful time for some because, for many, it’s their first time on their own out in the real world. A student who uses modern technology to his or her advantage has a better chance of succeeding in school. Therefore, in order to contribute towards creating a level playing field for every college student, in this article we’ve created a list of electronic gadgets that every student should bring with them to get a grip at college and help them survive the experience.

1. Smart Laptop or a Tablet for Note-Taking

A laptop or a tablet can help you take notes. Whether you are attending an important lecture or you are learning something on your own, taking quick notes is a must. An added advantage of such a gadget is – you are adopting green technology. You would not be wasting any paper, plus you can backup your notes on a cloud storage. This ensures that you don’t get to lose your notes at any time. Further, it will also reduce your carrying load.

2. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Music

You’re going to need music for a lot of reasons. You have music you need for studying, the music you need for commuting to and from your dorms, and just music for any other college situation where it’s allowed. Having “>a pair of wireless headphones that won’t jumble up in your pocket. You can even lean on your ear and pretend you’re listening to your professor (you probably should pay attention during lectures though).

3. Desktop Printer for Instant Prints

A desktop printer is one of those staples of the dorm room that you’ll always find handy. If you are reading an ebook or reference, then you can print that page instantly for future reference. You can also print your smart notebook contents.

4. Instant Coffee Maker for Morning Routine

In college one has to become a morning person. It’s especially true for morning scholars. A warm cup of coffee has caffeine which has numerous medical benefits, one of those is that it helps a person remain awake. However, caution should be taken before taking coffee multiple times in a day.

An instant coffee maker in your dorm room can prepare a cup of coffee in seconds. It’s helpful because students are on a tough routine. On a similar lines, one can also get instant noodle maker when hunger creeps up on you during your study sessions.

5. Dimmable LED Desk Lamp for Healthy Eyes

College means plenty of reading. Sometimes the light arrangement in your dorm is not perfect or other times it just gets boring studying in a single kind of light arrangement. Therefore, a dimmable LED desk lamp is perfect for not only changing the ambience but it also making sure your sleepy eyes don’t get strained due to excessive blue light. Similarly, you can purchase an LED desk lamp with different color options of light.

6. Portable Charger for Recharging

When you’re in college, chances are, you’re not always going to be hanging around an outlet. That’s why it’s important to have a portable power charger where you can charge on the go no matter where you are, even if you’re on the toilet.

7. Portable Hard Drive for Backing Up Data

Everyone has a smartphone and many students record their lectures. Keeping everything backed up on the cloud is an important habit. However, taking up responsibility of your data doesn’t end here. For instance, you should also get a portable hard drive. It will not only help you keep a copy of your projects and assignments, but in a similar fashion you can also create extra storage in your smartphone by moving all of your lectures into the external drive.

8. Fitbit for Fitness Tracking

It’s easy to fall into unhealthy habits when you get into college. You’re free for the first time and might not have much in terms of finances for anything other than affordable processed food. Having a Fitbit can help you maintain healthy lifestyle habits that will prolong your life long after you receive your degree.

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