Creative Stress Relief for College Students in 2021

January 5, 2021

Whether you are a freshman straight out of high school, going back to school for a higher degree, or starting out later in life, the workload for college courses can be overwhelming!

Are your studies causing you constant stress and worry? For many, it may feel like anytime we are not focusing on our assignments we are procrastinating, however without taking the time to recuperate the college burnout will hit hard fast! Here are some tips and tricks to relieve stress and allow yourself to take a well-deserved break.



Having an interest outside of or related to your studies can be especially rewarding. For instance, if your interest is in music spend your downtime checking out the local record shops in your town. (A record player is a great item for the dorm living room!) Maybe you play an instrument? Take 20 minutes out of your day to play around on it. If your interest is in plants check out your local plant stores and start with something low maintenance. Similarly, you can practice art, or work on a craft.

It is all about doing what you enjoy. For example, photography can be a fun choice for going about town, across campus, or hanging out in your dorm. No matter what your interest may be, giving yourself a little time each day or even once or twice a week to explore those passions is so critical to one’s overall happiness. 



Take a step back from your computer! Now get up and stretch. Exercise sharpens the mind and it can bring you back to focus when losing concentration in your studies. Furthermore, exercise does not have to feel like an extra chore. Running and team sports aren’t the only thing you can do.

Get a cheap yoga mat and do some stretches in your dorm or take it out on campus! Many schools have yoga or even martial arts clubs. Bicycles can be an amazing form of exercise and allow you to have an extremely affordable source of transportation. Skateboarding in particular can be a really great way to meet friends. The most important thing is you are moving your body so your mind is ready when you come back to your textbook or computer.

Social Life


Clubs can be a great way to meet people with similar interests. They also look great on resumes and show employers you went above and beyond during your time in school. I suggest joining one club that relates to your major and one in a subject you are not well versed in but want to learn more about. Have friends with similar interests but there is no official club yet? Start one!

Productive Downtime

Learn while you relax. Find Youtube videos that relate to your major and watch them in bed. If you are lucky enough to have a dorm with a private bathroom and a tub order a bath tray and do some reading while soaking in the tub. Beautify your space and make it a relaxing place to be. Sometimes getting out of your dorm room is important too. Check out local cafes, public libraries, or sit outside somewhere in the sun. 

In conclusion, your mental well being always comes first. Stress can cause you to lose focus and have higher anxiety resulting in lower performance in school. Never tell yourself you do not deserve a break.

Nine out of ten times taking that moment for yourself when you know you need it can help you complete assignments with a new perspective. Pushing through while exhausted might work sometimes but the burnout will get you eventually! Quality work comes from enjoying a quality life. You owe yourself that.

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